The Czech Society for Sterilisation, r.a. / Česká společnost pro sterilizaci, z.s. – CSS/ is a society with ambitions to provide space for information exchange as well as to inform both professional and general public of selected activities. This embraces the sphere of preparation and sterilisation of medical resources and tools, and all the associated operations, especially in medical institutions.

Operational technologies, device instrumentation, applied materials and resources, monitoring and controlling of activities, economy of operation, sanitary context, personnel management, professional education, quality control system, etc. do not stand aside of professional interests of the Society.

The Society also intends to profile itself as a professional guarantor, partner or consultant for legislative, designing, operational, developmental, etc. negotiations.

The Czech Society for Sterilisation, r.a. is the professional guarantor in the Lifelong Training of Medical Workers System according to Act No. 95/2004 (Collection of Laws), the Credits Granting Act No. 96/2004 (C. of Laws), and the Ministry of Health regulation No. 423/2004 (C. of Laws).

The Czech Society for Sterilisation, r.a. co-operates with a professional organisation of nurses, the Sterilisation Section of the Czech Association of Nurses. Our common aim is to provide a shield for the expertise of the nurse – a worker providing the performance of repeated sterilisation of medical resources and tools in the majority of medical institutions and all the other medical and non-medical workers who participate in these activities.

In a natural way, The Czech Society for Sterilisation, r.a. was established in 2003, being a society which, after its registration at the Ministry of the Interior, offers connection of all activities to experts and professionals who are interested in or work at the field of sterile medical resources and tools preparation in medical institutions in the Czech Republic. This society is also open to specialists from the production, development or distribution, and/or service of materials, instruments and other resources, which are applied or processed in these specialised medical institutions.