EFHSS přechází na WFHSS

Evropské fórum se stává světovýmEFHSS becomes WFHSS.
In 1999 the EFHSS was founded with the aim of disseminating knowledge about sterilization on the basis of the European norms. The member states of the European Union formed its core membership. But soon it became evident that „sterilization“ does not stop at the borders of the old continent. The interest of non-European countries was wery big. Globalization, too, apparently had a forceful impact on the CSSD. The board of EFHSS recognized this phenomenon and took the decision at the meeting on the occasion of the European congress in Lillehammer to reflect in its name this new reality. From now on EFHSS will be know as WFHSS: World Forum for Hospital Sterile Supply. The website remains available both as www.efhss.com and www.wfhss.com .
Wim Renders24/05/2006

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