Aseptic Surgery Forum – International Expert Meeting on Good Surgical Practices and Technogical Innovation to Prevent and Cure Infections – Paris, France

Multidisciplinary professional gathering for the diagnostic, prevention and treatment of surgical infection
2 day-conference with the experts of the medical field:
To discuss on good surgical practices for the treatment and the prevention of infection
To learn about the studies and conclusion led in that industry
To spot last technology innovations
To meet suppliers (technologies, equipment, products) and laboratories

Conference and exhibition’s theme

Material, active coating, TTS for implant, MD and fittings
Hand cleaning, equipment to protect patients and health professionals (gloves, clothing, masks, drapes etc)
Conception, fitting, equipment and maintenance of the operating theatre
Instruments sterilization, disinfection, cleaning and traceability, and single use instrument
Microbiological diagnosis
Cutaneous preparation, incision, dressings and sutures
Legal and financial consequences of surgical infections

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